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Jessica Foster

From Los Angeles to Brooklyn, by way of San Francisco

Born in East Los Angeles, I spent the majority of my adolescence with my parents and three siblings in Whittier, California. After a somewhat unenthusiastic high school experience, at the end of which I submitted my portfolio to be evaluated for AP Art credit, I earned a degree in Comparative and World Literature with a focus in mythology, folklore and religious texts, from San Francisco State University, graduating magna cum laude in 2008. I had the pleasure of taking only a handful of rather formative painting courses with artist and SFSU professor Paul Mullins. 

Whilst residing in San Francisco, California for the next four years, I attended City College of San Francisco for French language and painting, where I enjoyed the tutelage of artist and professor Glen Moriwaki for two consecutive semesters--a period of time in which I began to hone my technical painting skills while exploring communicating challenging themes in art. 

I moved to New York City in the summer of 2012, and to Brooklyn soon after, where I have been focusing on drawing, primarily in pen and ink. 

My subject matter includes, but is not limited to natural and architectural themes, surrealism and dream-like landscapes. 

I have an inclination toward figurative realism and portraiture, and began my body of work there with small-scale ink and pencil drawings.  

I've explored several recurring themes over the years through my work (as people do). These include: the role of shadow as subject, and how that is reflected in interpersonal relationships; my own perception of and relationship to aging and timelessness; and the portrayal, role, and presentation of women and their presence in the public and natural spheres.

Over the years, my style and subject matter have evolved, and continue to do so. I aim to move toward increasingly larger scales with my work, in both pen and paint.